How Betterworks Found That a Firm’s HR Team is One of Its Core Drivers for Success

Established in 2013, Betterworks is a performance management software that works through an array of use cases. With its focus set on optimization for both large scale processes and day to day activities, it can enhance the efficiency for any organization with ease.

Betterworks is based on Goal Science, which means that it doesn’t only work on enhancing processes through an intuitive interface of its software, but it has intricate systems in place to enhance the productivity for any organization that uses it. This research based approach is one of the many things that set Betterworks apart from a sea of its competitors.

This also means that the core processes Betterworks put into place are mostly research based as well. The research and development arm for the firm is always at work to find consistently fresh insights on how a business could improve its core processes.

One of the most recent of such research efforts took place in April 2019, where the firm released the final report of its latest State of Continuous Performance Management Survey.

The findings presented were quite interesting, to say the least.

The researchers at Betterworks noted that C-Suite execs in HR, who report directly to the CEO, are some of the most influential people in a company. They have the power to affect direct change in an organization in a manner that remains sustainable and effective.

With that, it was also noted that this gets supplemented by getting consistent feedback from employees, which could then be discussed among C-Suite execs in order to take the feedback into account.

According to the research, HR remains a direct component towards any business’ growth. This is mainly due to how HR is the one link between companies and their employees, which is why its importance cannot be denied.