How Clothing Designer Glenn Schlossberg Stays At The Forefront Of Fashion

Glenn Schlossberg grew up in the world of women’s fashion and made it his career. His dad was a dressmaker in New York City and so he could see the need for fashion up close. In order to take up a career in the industry, he became a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Between his family, education, and being in New York City he decided the right career path was launching his own fashion company, Jump Design Group.

Schlossberg saw early on that between the increase in global population and other factors that people wouldn’t be able to rely upon the slow ways of creating clothing. On the other hand, factories at the time didn’t make quality clothing. It was in 1990, after graduating from college, that he created his company in order to solve both of these problems.

Glenn Schlossberg and his team attend fashion shows all over so that they can spot the best trends early. They combine this knowledge with what women commonly buy in order to come up with clothing that will sell. He says that this approach creates clothing in a range that is both functional and very fashionable that regular people will want to buy.

According to dailyforexreport, he created the fast-fashion trend. His company has warehouses in the United States where the clothing is quickly created and then moved out to retail stores and e-commerce companies warehouses. Glenn Schlossberg’s goal is to get his company’s products from the runway status stage to being available for purchase in one month or less.

His philosophy worked right from the start with Generation X. More women in this generation were entering the workforce than previous generations and they needed clothing that reflected their lifestyle. When he started quickly made clothing was cheap and easily fell apart. Glenn Schlossberg revolutionized the industry by being able to make clothing efficiently while still producing high-quality clothing that women wanted to own.

He says that fashion has always depended on what younger generations want and today is no different. Looking to the future, Glenn Schlossberg says that sustainability is really important to younger people and so his company will focus on that area in order to stay at the forefront of women’s clothing. His company will continue to produce high-quality and fashionable clothing while also being more eco-friendly.