How Isabel dos Santos Overcome the Odds to be the Richest Woman in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is a well-known philanthropist and a businesswoman who has extensively invested in Angola and the South African region at large. She has an interest in media and entertainment, telecommunications, real estate, and energy. These are some of the most lucrative industries in the world today and it is only fair to say that Isabel dos Santos has invested where it matters. 

However, it is not her investments that make her stand out.The fact that she has been able to dominate in an industry that is traditionally male-biased means that she is not an ordinary businesswoman who withdraws after experiencing extreme opposition from societal establishments. It is common knowledge that African women are not or are presumed to be weak when it comes to complex industries such as business, engineering, medicine, and computer technology (Behance). 

However, Isabel dos Santos has not allowed herself to be another victim of the unreasonable establishments that have caused thousands of girls with the potential to turn into housewives. She is always fighting against this situation. Through the guidance of her father, former president of Angola, Dos Santos pursued a course of her choice. She ended up choosing engineering, which is a career that is assumed to be a preserve for male in the local universities. This was the start of her long journey into a successful career. 

After graduating, she ventured into the world of businesses where she has had to fight all manner of sexism, discrimination, and disregard directed to him by men, who had a feeling that she did not belong into the world of business. Her persistence and ability to prove that women can as well be productive in society has not only made her an influential person in Angola but  also Isabel is the richest woman in Africa

Isabel dos Santos notes that women have a choice to make about their lives and their future. Either conform to the stands of the society that perceives them as weak and fragile or persist and prove that they are also of equal measure when it comes to their male counterparts. However, if they choose the latter, they have to endure embarrassment, discrimination, and rejection while knowing that they will enjoy the fruits of their hard work.


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