How Oren Frank Was Instrumental In Starting an Online Therapy Organization

Talkspace is a subscription-based provider of online therapy. CEO Oren Frank co-founded the company in 2012. The company’s main service is unlimited messaging therapy. A user may leave a text, video, or voice message at any time for his or her assigned therapist. The licensed therapist will respond to messages regularly throughout the day for five days a week.

Recently, Talkspace made news for hiring former UnitedHealth executive Neil Leibowitz as its chief medical officer. One of Leibowitz’s responsibilities is to continue building Talkspace’s corporate business. The company’s goal is to get more employers to offer Talkspace as a benefit to employees. Also, now that Talkspace has a chief medical officer, Talkspace psychiatrists can begin subscribing medication to subscribers served by video chat. See more on Wikipedia.

Leibowitz said he was initially reluctant to join Talkspace because what the company offers is new. However, once he became familiar with Oren Frank’s team and the Talkspace product, he decided to come onboard. Leibowitz highlighted a couple of things that he liked about the Talkspace product. First, Talkspace is affordable with plans beginning at $49 a week. Also, he thinks Talkspace can help address the lack of access to mental health professionals in rural communities.

Talkspace CEO Oren Frank maintains an active Twitter feed. His recent posts include several article recommendations. For example, on January 22nd, he posted a link to an article in the The Guardian about the modern elite falsely presenting themselves as agents of change. In observance of Martin Luther King Day on January 21st, Frank posted a motivational quote from the great civil rights leader.

Some of Oren Frank’s Twitter posts are retweets related to Talkspace or therapy in general. For instance, on January 14th, he retweeted a company announcement introducing Talkspace for Teens for adolescents aged 13 to 17. On January 11th, Frank retweeted a post regarding a common misconception of the Freudian model.

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