How Ted Bauman Transitioned Into Being A Financial Writer

Ted Bauman, an economist, has spent the entirety of his professional career helping people gain access to the resources they need to live freer lives, both financially and otherwise. He is a graduate of the University of Cape Town where he studied both economics and history. He spent the next two decades helping low and moderate income families and individuals find affordable housing.

Later in his career, he became a consultant. He helped the United Nations and national governments in areas of the economy. From this experience, he learned how both economics and politics can influence a society into one direction or another. Ted Bauman re-entered the United States in 2008 and joined a nonprofit as its director of international programs. His two focuses in this position were on how to effectively provide help and how to make things more sustainable.

Five years ago Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing, at first as a part-time editor. He established The Bauman Letter where he started to write about following conservative ways of being an investor. He wanted to teach readers how to preserve and secure the wealth that they have built. He is now a full-time editor. He also established Smart Money which is a stock trading service.

Ted Bauman says that early in his professional career he didn’t manage his time very well. At the time he was in the public sector and charged with helping to build housing for low-income families. Ted Bauman’s organization tried to teach a financial management system where the people they were helping would be able to use what money they had more effectively. However, he learned from this that he needed to set boundaries and at some point let a community go forward with less outside guidance.

His dad was a financial writer so moving into this type of position seemed pretty reasonable to him. That so many people in finance were familiar with the great work his dad had done it gave him a leg-up on doing the same. He says that, just like his father, he’s no fan of government regulation and enjoys helping people learn how to maintain their privacy.

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