Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is one of the most popular investment advisors in his home country of Brazil. He attended the Federal University of Parana and showed an aptitude for skills in calculating rates, being the best performer in his class. He studied engineering before attending Parana, and the mind of an engineer usually finds it easy to calculate compounded interest rates. His talents were a very important skill at that time since computers were not widely used in those days. In 1970 it seemed a natural step for him to pursue an investment career, working at an investment bank. In 1974 he was promoted to the board of directors at Multibanco. He then became CEO of the bank. After it was bought by Bank of America, Cornelsen moved on to work for other corporations, and in 1995 he was able to start his own company, Bainbridge Investment Inc.,where he still works today.

Igor Cornelsen has a unique approach to investing. He doesn’t agree that people do best by investing in stocks that are performing well, rather he advises people to invest in damaged stocks that have a chance of financial gain. Of course it is necessary to have the talent and knowledge to find such stocks, and Cornelsen’s career has had many successes in finding stocks in nations suffering from economic instability as well as in nations that were up and coming and he could see the potential for growth. Once the stocks were doing well, he would sell if no more profits seemed likely.

Igor Cornelsen attributes his success to his continued focus and commitment to keep learning. He studies and pays constant attention to the news, using Reuters as an information source about facts and not opinions. He knows that good decisions are only possible if ideas fit into the current marketplace, hopefully ideas that he has before someone else does.