Impossible Foods Launches Impossible Burger with Co-production Agreement with OSI Group, McDonalds Franchised Burger Producer

Impossible Foods Launches Impossible Burger

What do Redwood City and McDonalds have in Common? OSI Group! Since 1955 OSI Group works to mass-produce the McDonalds Franchised burger and distributes them worldwide. OSI Group has production plants in 17 foreign nations and spread in 65 geographic locations. OSI Plant in Chicago is now the happy home of where the Impossible Foods distributes the Impossible Burger. Read more on Wikipedia.

Impossible Foods Launch

Impossible Foods was launched in 2011 as a producer of alternative beef products. Its goal was to produce plant-based products which would mimic the qualities of beef completely but remain 100% plant-based. By 2016 Impossible Foods reached their research and development goals and was ready to premier its Impossible Burger. In Mid-2016 at a David Change restaurant in New York City proper, in the presence of many food critics, renowned chefs, and other invited-only guests, the Impossible Burger was unveiled for tasting. The reception was positive, and within days and weeks ahead orders for the Impossible Burger kept the headquarters of Impossible Foods busy with order-taking. By the beginning of two thousand nineteen, nearly 10,000 orders for the Impossible Burger had been received, and Impossible Foods was stretching to accommodate the requests in its 68,000 square food production facility in Oakland.

Co-production Agreement with OSI Group

While orders for the Impossible Burger kept increasing, and many more fast-food restaurants were requesting the Impossible Burger Impossible Foods needed to find co-production support. OSI was the perfect choice for Impossible Foods to enter into a co-production agreement. The present deal allows OSI to co-produce the Impossible Burger in its Chicago plant, which has since been fitted with an almost exact copy of the Impossible Foods Production facility in Oakland.

McDonalds Franchised Burger Producer

The ongoing work of co-producing the Impossible Burger will come when Impossible Burger employees are securely checked into the high-security Impossible Burger production facility and allowed to continue their work for Impossible Foods. Mr. Sheetal Shah, speaking for Impossible Foods, announced Impossible Foods is very pleased with working with the legendary food packer and looks forward in collaborating and co-producing the Impossible Burger together with OSI. Impossible Foods announced it is confident it can go anywhere and everywhere now with the strong expertise and distribution network available thru OSI.

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