In Luke’s World, there’s No Room for Failure At All

Luke Lazarus earned an executive MBA at the Melbourne Business School. He was very young then, being only 24. He says that this early interest in business led him to identify four business ideas all at once in a short period of only ten years. These are the foundations for a successful business startup, and they are important in the success of any businessperson who wants to make a mark in the world.

A business plan should be a well-crafted paper which narrates the journey of any business beginning with where it is intended to start up to where it eventually leads.

This being the satisfaction of customers only. It can be the only end. It should reiterate how the entrepreneur intends to relate with investors partners, and most importantly, how all of this agenda is brought to bear on the needs of the market, the clients, and the customers.

Storytelling is the art that makes any presentation to potential investors catchy, interesting, and successful. It is important to be able to communicate effectively both in writing and in speech. This is the only way to put across a compelling entreaty for capital in any boardroom.

Stories of personal experience are actually very convincing and bound to make a winner. To advice entrepreneurs accordingly, Luke Lazarus is a keen student of market operations studying market segments and the factors that have a direct bearing on business. Read more: Luke Lazarus –  and Luke Lazarus Profile |

Luke has perceived that the only way to make an idea work is to have it first and foremost relevant to oneself so that then one has the confidence to then offer it to others as a good product. The market must believe in it first so that then they are willing to cash in on it. Lazarus feels that as a young person, he was too anxious, and he worried too much. This is probably evidenced by how hard he pushed to fast-track his education.

It was a good move, but he feels that the best advice he can give his younger self is to worry less and avoid much unnecessary stress. He should have had greater confidence in himself and in his resolve to become successful.

The best way to overcome the apprehension and the worry of whether or not the startup will come to life or not is to know that in all things you should always bank on yourself.

Believe that you can do it and success is inevitable. Do not fear failure, and most inevitably do not condemn yourself for it. In life, you will find that in the end, even the best of us fail at one point in our lives or the other.

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