Infinity Group Australia Takes Customer Service a Notch Higher.

Infinity Group Australia is a renowned financial institution that was established by its two founders, Graeme Holm and his wife, Rebecca. The core objective of forming the organization was to liberate the Australian families from the sharp teeth of the financial institutions that had been taking advantage of their customers who never had the idea of the financial sector. This happened especially to the illiterate and semi-literate members of the society who hardly knew much about financial planning and management. For instance, whenever these customers needed credit assistance from the financial institutions, they would not consider the understanding of the customer to the terms that they provided them. Their main focus and interest were making profits through extortionate means from these customers.


This practice angered Graeme Holm as he was working for these institutions as an employee. He believed that the customers deserved better services since they were the pillars that greatly supported the survival of the institutions, without which the financial institutions could never exist. Out of the dissatisfaction of these customers, Graeme Holm was challenged to establish Infinity Group Australia with the aim of freeing the Australian families from the extortion by the financial institutions. Upon the formation, he became the director while his wife, Rebecca became a partner in the business. The initial strategy that they initiated to ensure that the customers received the services that they deserved was the introduction of customer training.


Through the training initiative, the clients of Infinity Group Africa would be trained in the proper management of finance and the debt management. This went a long way to ensure that the customers who had borrowed loans from the various financial institutions were able to repay the funds comfortably as much as they were required to meet other financial obligations. On the other hand, the borrowers were trained on how to manage their debts and hence to ensure that they were always safe as far as the debt financing was concerned. Learn more:


Reports from Infinity Group Australia reviews indicate that the credit customers can exude happiness and satisfaction since they claim that the advice that they receive from the company enabled them to manage their finances. From a survey that was conducted by an independent surveyor, the customers of the organization indicated that they were happier even at the family level since they rarely encounter the financial constraints that were common to them earlier. They also praised the kind of service that the employees if Infinity Group provided to them, stating that it was exceptional.