Insights from Gino Pozzo Regarding the Watford Football Club

Gino Pozzo, owner of the Watford Football Club located in England, is known for taking mediocre football clubs in the lower-division and developing accomplished leagues. It’s the reason why he’s so well-known in Europe. Pozzo has always been passionate about football because his parents were fond of the game. After moving to the United States, he studied at Harvard University where he earned a Masters degree.

Later in his life, Gino Pozzo moved to Spain where he lived in Barcelona for two decades. He became intricately involved in a football club when he moved to London with his wife and children. His experience with football seems almost inevitable since his father, Gianpaolo Pozzo, used money from the family business in tool-making to buy a Udinese club in Italy. This occurred back in 1986.

When the Pozzo family purchased the Watford club in 2012, it was struggling and had not experienced much success for decades. Gino relocated his family to London where he became deeply involved in the daily operations of the club. Gino Pozzo had developed an approach focused on long-term success as he pushed forward to develop the club. One of the reasons why it’s believed Pozzo has achieved so much success is because he’s truly passionate about football.

Gino has engaged in the recruiting and trading of many players. Although the way in which the Pozzo’s manage their club has garnered a lot of attention from the media, it’s clearly an effective strategy. While executives of the Watford club believe the media portrays them as unstable because of their recruitment and trading strategy, they have pointed out how it has enabled the success of each coach.

Gino Pozzo has expressed the importance of being open to opportunities that arise as it relates to recruiting both players and coaches. He recognizes that football isn’t a short-term job, but a project for which you must have a plan for the long haul. Pozzo has also pointed out that the infrastructure of the club is so strong that it can continue even when different coaches leave.

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