Isabel dos Santos and Her Economic Vision for Africa

As a billionaire and successful businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos has a vision for Africa. She is from Angola, but works to uplift the entire continent of Africa. She sees youth, especially women, as a solution that will help Africa to compete more successfully on the world stage. Education and a spirit of entrepreneurship will be critical keys to success. Countries like China and Russia are already doing much to start building up the continent’s energy grid along with infrastructure. As such, the continent is open to investments on a large scale. Isabel dos Santos believes in the power of 5G telecommunications. She knows what 5G can do for African people. She also believes that large scale energy investments should precede 5G upgrades.

Isabel dos Santos recently attended the AficaCom telecommunications and technology conference. The conference took place in South Africa. AfricaCom brought together many leading telecommunications and technology experts for the event. Isabel dos Santos has a lot of business pull around the world. She is the daughter of a former Angola president. She studied engineering abroad and acquired a world-class education. Africa, in 30 years, will have a population that exceeds that of China. The investments required to allow the continent to compete economically on a world stage will be massive.

For this to happen, she envisions corporations and African governments working together. When African governments create sustainable business models, other countries are more willing to make major investments. Ecommerce is also another major consideration that will take the continent to its next level of success. With the growth of ecommerce and online trading platforms, there will be far fewer barriers between business and people. African companies hope to bridge the digital divide and bring ecommerce to the forefront. Isabel dos Santos is going to play an important role in making this happen.