Isabel dos Santos: Find and Recap Articles (Portuguese to English)

The Success Of Isabel dos Santos

When it comes to finding inspiration, for most people this translates into looking at the actions of successful business people. This is a good idea because people such as Isabel dos Santos are definitely worthy of being looked up to.

The most important thing that all people who are looking for inspiration need to remember is that success is often measured by the education about a particular subject that the successful person invests in. They will often spend their early years in pursuit of all of the knowledge they can learn.

When it comes to Isabel dos Santos, she pursued her education in a manner not seen by most. Originally from Angola, she traveled to the United Kingdom at a young age to help complete studies. This is the place at which she went to primary school. After primary school, she went to secondary school and proceeded to enroll in colleges in both Kent and London.

The bulk of her education was concentrated in the areas of science and technology. She felt this was where the strength of her leadership lies. During her formative years in school, her instructors could plainly see that she had a strong aptitude in her field. To this end, she enrolled in electrical engineering when she entered college. She took this course at the highly respected Kings College. This field of study was known to be loaded with both applied science as well as theoretical science. Beyond the obvious technical knowledge, this course would also equip her with valuable problem-solving skills. Every successful business leader must know something about solving problems, especially those which seem to pop up out of nowhere.

As you can see, Isabel dos Santos is very well-educated and spent a lot of time getting that way. She has developed into a leader to be reckoned with.

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