Isabel dos Santos Journey from an Engineer to the Richest Woman in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is a popular name in the world of leadership — primary because her father was once a head of state in Angola. As a business woman, (and one of the most successful investors in Africa), Isabel is a product of hard work, better planning and unmatched schooling. She is a trained engineer but her love for business and investments were the reasons why she ventured into financial world — as opposed to engineering world.

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Hoje em dia, as meninas em África não têm o mesmo início de vida que os meninos. Não é igualitário. Muitas vezes, são retiradas da escola muito cedo e com 11 ou 12 anos já estão a tratar do lar, ajudar a mãe e a preparar comida para os irmãos. Todos os dias sonho em mudar esta realidade. Em primeiro lugar, passa por as meninas saberem que também elas são fortes e capazes. Também elas poderão mudar o mundo no futuro, ocupar cargos de gestão, ser líderes e até ser presidentes do país ou de grandes empresas. As raparigas têm muito talento e assumem realmente os seus compromissos. Está nas nossas mãos – pais, governo, empresários, professores, instituições – dar as mesmas oportunidades aos meninos e meninas para que todos possam ter direito a um futuro 🤞🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #WomenEmpowerment #WednesdayWisdom #GenderEquality Nowadays, girls in Africa do not have the same early life as boys. It is not egalitarian. Often, they are forced to drop out of school very early, and when they are 11 or 12, they are already taking care of the house, helping their mother, and preparing meals for their siblings. Every day I dream of changing this reality. It starts with girls knowing that they too are strong and capable. They too will be able to change the world in the future, to hold management positions, to be leaders and even to be presidents of the country or of big companies. Girls have a lot of talent and really stand by their commitments. It is in our hands – parents, government, entrepreneurs, teachers, institutions – to give equal opportunities to boys and girls so that everyone can have a right to a future 🤞🏾

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Isabel dos Santos points out that her journey — into the world of investment — has taught her patience. She points out that investing in the alternative markets is one of her best decisions in her life since she is also investing in community based projects. Isabel however points out that her success (in this unique market) is a product of her networking skills, her ability to predict the future and working in teams. She works under a passionate team and Isabel confess that her team is passionate about investments.

On her Twitter account, she shares different information about investment especially current issues in the financial markets. Isabel dos Santos understands that information in this financial niche is vital. As a professional, she has also diversified on her means of getting information. For example, she is an avid reader of different financial journals — especially journals on stock markets. In some special occasions, she commissions specific market research — especially before investing in a new market.

In addition to her busy investment life, Isabel dos Santos is one of the professionals that are passionate about the young people — especially in Africa. Through her business networks, she has started different incubation programs in Africa, with an aim of helping the passionate and potential young people. Through these programs, she is working with with IT start-ups and other social investments.

She is also passionate about agriculture — especially in her home country Angola. According to Isabel dos Santos, investing in agriculture helps her to create employment opportunities and more importantly, it is a chance to empower women. In the last five years, she has worked with women groups in agribusiness — and through these programs, women are now economically empowered that before.

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