Isabel dos Santos Success in Male-Dominated Societies

Isabel dos Santos is one of the most successful women globally. She remains to be the first woman billionaire and the richest woman in Africa. The prominent positions she has helped in several leading companies have contributed significantly to her successes. Succeeding in a male-dominated economy in Africa was quite a challenge for her, but she worked harder and smarter to thrive. 


She is also committed to philanthropic works that focus on empowering women and encouraging investors on giving back to their communities. She believes this way, the world economy will be boosted. Isabel dos Santos empowers african women and has committed her life to improve career opportunities, economic situations of women all over Africa and their lives as well. Through this, she has become one of the most influential women globally. Her incredible achievements in the business sector has have made her famous in the world today. 


Thriving in the male-dominated society was quite a challenge for Isabel. It was a norm that as a woman, she could not be able to negotiate deals on her own. This made her remain highly creative and effective in any way she presented her ideas. She believes that it is important for women to remain confident in the businesses they own and always try harder to prove the effectiveness of their ventures. She also calls for the support of women in businesses so that many women get a chance to thrive in businesses, help other women and manage to thrive in the sector (Instagram).


Advice to Parents on Raising Strong Women


The successful businesswoman acknowledges her father for the great support he offered to her as a businessperson. He always treated her in a similar way he treated her brothers. He always supported her decisions and encouraged her to try out any career of her choice. Through his motivation, Isabel dos Santos remained strong and gained confidence. She got the courage to pursue an engineering course in university. 


Isabel dos Santos therefore believe it is important for parents to raise their daughters appropriately. They should be given equal rights and opportunities in the society. Women should be raised in a way they understand that perseverance and hard work is the key to success. This will help in building a sense of strength and ambition for the women. It will help them to be confident enough to pursue any venture. 


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