Isabel dos Santos Talks about Technology and its Impact on Africa’s Economy.

Jose Eduardo, former president of Angola, is the father of Isabel dos Santos. Having amassed wealth over the years, Forbes has named her the wealthiest woman in Africa. She is also one of the most influential women on the continent. Her net worth is approximately $3.5 billion, and she has since become the first female billionaire of America. Isabel attended King’s College in London. At the age of 24, she graduated and opened a hotel called Miami Beach. The restaurant had one of the leading night clubs in the local region. That marked the outset of her career. Visit on her twitter for updates.

The skilled business professional relocated to Angola to establish more businesses. She became a board member in several companies situated across different capitals including Portugal and Angola. Isabel is a huge stakeholder in various companies including a cable television service provider and a banking institution. She owns approximately 19.5% in Banco BPI. This is one of Portugal’s leading banks estimated to be worth $465 million. Isabel dos Santos is also the owner of 25% of Banco BIC’s shares which has an approximate value of $160 million. Before this, she owned approximately 4.9% in ZON Multimedia. She recently increased her shares to 28.8%.

Earlier in her career, Dos Santos served at a recycling company in Germany. She then moved to the truck business following the development of walkie-talkie technology. She developed a passion for telecommunications and joined the sector to pursue her interests. She then served at Urbana 2000 as the leading project manager in charge of the engineering department. Isabel dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos focused on developing her businesses. She established several holdings that helped her to create a significant investment. She also joined Unitel, Condis, and Santoro Finance. In 2007, she was described as a dynamic leader and business professional by a Portuguese magazine. In 2013, she was described as having an independent prowess in business by a British newspaper. Today, Isabel serves as the head cheerleader of Angola’s Red Cross. She has imperative stakes in different companies from which she has amassed wealth. Isabel is confident that technology will contribute to the growth and development of Africa.

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