Iskandar Safa – CEO of Privinvest


A profile on Iskandar Safa can be found by visiting Safa’s website. Information is provided that highlights Iskandar Safa’s childhood, education and role as a leader in the international business community.

Iskandar Safa was born in 1955 in Beirut Lebanon. The biography reveals that during that time Lebanon was plagued by civil unrest. He was somehow able to get through primary studies at a French school, and then complete studies at American University of Beirut. There he studied civil engineering. Engineering was a career field that had been pursued by many people in his mother’s family. He was also an accomplished discus athlete for the country.

After his collegiate studies and time as a competitive athlete, Safa moved to Saudi Arabia to work for the family’s engineering firm in Riyadh, and then he went back to school. He earned an MBA from France’s European Institute of Business Administration. View Additional Info Here.

With an MBA under his belt Safa decided to start his own company. His brother Akram was also interested in the idea. The pair launched Privinvest and began making investments. On the heels of that success Iskandar Safa began placing his hands on successful international trade deals between the West and the Middle East.

Iskandar Safa’s robust portfolio of business successes would grow more as the Safa’s purchased an ailing French shipyard. After two years the company turned around and now employs over 500 people.

In 2007 Iskandar Safa began his relationship with Abu Dhabi Mar. First introduced to the company as part of a collaboration, Safa and his brother would take over the company in 2011. Go To This Page to learn more.

The write up also looks at Iskandar Safa’s free time. A good bit of that time has been focused on international justice issues.


About Privinvest

In the last 20 years Privinvest has blossomed into a premier shipbuilding company. Throughout the world the company builds ships of all sizes for all types of needs. The company has produced more than 2000 vessels.

Aware of the industry’s footprint, the Safa brothers have championed several environmental issues through Privinvest. Privinvest is an advocate for renewable energies.


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