Jack Plotkin and Telehealth

JACK PLOTKINRather than requiring patients to visit a medical office in order to receive all healthcare services, Telehealth is poised to change the way in which doctors care for their patients. In particular, Telehealth can not only empower doctors and patients to better manage chronic conditions, but it can also serve as a preventative measure against potential health emergencies. That said, the following is a closer look at this revolutionary concept and the role in which their CTO, Jack Plotkin has played in making it available to the general public.

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Technology is set to revolutionize American healthcare. Telehealth is poised to be one of the top companies to usher in these much-needed changes. By making it possible for medical practices to utilize technology in order to provide patients with virtual care, Telehealth is becoming a major force in healthcare. In particular, by providing patients with near hospital-level monitoring and responses, while allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own homes, Telehealth will make it possible for patients of all kinds to receive more consistent and quality healthcare.

By using technological advances such as wireless watches, armbands, bracelets, pendants, and more, Telehealth allows patients to have their vitals monitored and activities recorded without having to visit a hospital or clinic.


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Under the direction of their CTO, Jack Plotkin, Telehealth has quickly become a pillar within the healthcare realm. As a very rare investor and advisor who also possesses an extensive understanding of the technological field, Jack Plotkin seems to be just getting started on his journey to provide more people with quality goods and services of all kinds.