Jacob Gottlieb – Financial Wizard With Robin Hoods Heart

In this world, not too many people are blessed with the fortune of being able to make money out of something that he loves. Majority of people in the world are forced by circumstances to eke out a living from a profession that they didn’t enjoy doing. But Jacob Gottlieb is one of those who are fortunately gifted with parents who were keen enough to see in their young son an ability that he could use for his lifetime career. And in doing so, he was also able to help others who were less fortunate than him.



Gottlieb was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York by parents who migrated to the United States in the 1960s. The education he got in his early years was not that impressive. But it was at this stage when his father (who is a professor of economics in New York City’s City University) saw in him something that the younger Gottlieb could use to make his life more fruitful when he becomes an adult. Young Gottlieb was apparently good at trading baseball cards. From his baseball card trading with neighborhood friends, his father saw that his son could rightly see the winner from the loser.



And so Jacob Gottlieb enrolled at Brown University in New York and studied economics. He earned his B.A. in its business school which is located in Providence, Rhode Island. He also got interested in sciences (his mother is a certified pediatrician) and enrolled in New York University to study medicine where he got his medical degree. He completed his internship at St. Vincent’s Hospital. Gottlieb is now an MD, CFA and PRMIA. The Association for Investment Management and Research gave him his Chartered Financial Analyst charter in 2001. He also practiced his medical profession for a while but his love of investment and finance finally took over and Gottlieb left the medical field to pursue his dream of becoming a financial analyst.



His first venture in finance is in Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., where he served as a buy-side analyst investment portfolio manager. Then Gottlieb transferred to Merlin Financial in London, England to be their investment portfolio manager. His career in financing took off after that when he founded Balyasny Asset Management, L.P. and worked for its success. He later founded another investment company, Visium Asset Management, LLC in 2005 and served as its Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer.



After succeeding in his chosen career, Gottlieb must have thought that it is now time for him to turn his eyes on those who are less fortunate than him. He started to focus his efforts on several charitable institutions and offered them his help and his donations. One of the recipients of his charitable works is a charity that bears an interesting name – Robin Hood, after the mythical character in far-off England of the past. Robin Hood is the largest charitable organization in New York City dedicated to fighting poverty. It provides financial, management and real estate support to the city’s 200 non-profit organizations.