JD.com Aims to Make Buying Goods Faster


Supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail locations are home to dozens or hundreds of products that people buy each day. Jingdong leverages those locations to make their supply chain work in a more efficient manner. This can help brands increase revenues while helping customers to save time buying the goods that they need.

An article on Libertarian Republic entitled; “JD.com is committed to Best Practices in E-commerce”, Jingdong’s CEO, Richard Liu shared that his team is committed to limiting the environmental footprint of the business and they are actively making decisions to achieve this goal.


How Orders Are Traditionally Processed

Traditionally, an order that is sent from Jingdong is sent to a warehouse where products are sourced and sent to a distribution center. After it reaches a distribution center, it will then have to be sent to a delivery station. The delivery station could be a retail establishment or a customer’s home or work address.


How Orders Are Being Processed Now

With the new program, orders sent through JD.com are being sent to a warehouse to be fulfilled. However, items are not necessarily sourced at the warehouse or sent to a distribution center. Instead, they can be sourced from a retail location that is closest to the customer’s address. Of course, items will be shipped from a warehouse if it is closer to the customer than a supermarket or convenience store. Find Additional Information Here.


JD.com Has Partnered With Walmart

They have partnered with Walmart to allow orders to be shipped directly from a store location. This will occur if a Walmart store is closer than a Jingdong warehouse, and it also assumes that the item is available from both JD.com and Walmart.


Other Brands Are Taking Part in the Program

A wide variety of brands such as Nestle and Coca-Cola are taking part in the new program that JD.com has created. Generally speaking, the program caters to companies that sell products such as alcohol, soda or other items that could have a limited shelf life. It also features items that may be easier to ship from a store as opposed to from a warehouse or distribution center.


Visit their online store on https://www.joybuy.com/