JD.Com and Intel’s Partnership

JD.com, formerly known as 360 buy, was founded in July 1998 and is a Chinese e-commerce company. However, the company gained its online presence in 2004 where it now became an online retail platform. The company’s headquarters are located in Beijing and are one of the two largest Chinese business-to-consumer online retailers regarding revenues and transaction volume.

JD.com began by just being an online magneto-optical store but later diversified into selling computers, mobile phones, and electronics. Recently the company has started testing out robot and drone delivery services, as well as releasing its first autonomous truck. As at the first quarter of 2018, the company had approximately 301.8 million users.

Just recently, JD.com collaborated with Intel to come up with a lab that explores the usage of the Internet of Things at companies offering smart retail solutions. The lab is set to be involved in the development of new generation vending machines, as well as advertising techniques that are unique. The technologies that are to be developed in the lab will be Intel-based to preserve the highest levels of technological advancement which is readily available to Intel as opposed to JD.com.

The collaboration will be the beginning of a successful lifelong partnership between the Chinese largest online retailer and Intel. According to recent reports, scientists have merged Intel’s computerized edge with JD.com’s computer algorithms to help analyze the level of customer traffic, as well as the firm’s in-store customer purchasing habits that JD has gained over time. It has helped in coming up with a personalized approach to understanding customer needs and patterns.

At an interview, Richard Liu mentioned that his company looks forward to more interactions and collaborations with Intel so that it benefits in the form of personalized customer interaction with the retailer. Intel China’s director Wei Chen also pointed out that JD.com has been a good use of the new technology inventions that Intel has been offering. He adds on to say that the partnership will benefit the two firms equally.

Creation of the lab will help to actualize the vision that JD.com has had for a long time of converting retailing to personalized service, with the hope of providing to all its customer’s excellent products and services so that it can have a competitive advantage over big e-retail stores such as Alibaba. Click here