JD.com is working with Wu Fang Zhai to Increase Sales during the Dragon Boat Festival

JD.com has not only exemplified performance in corporate social responsibility but has now emerged and started being involved in social aspects of the community. Recently, the company was involved in the annual Dragon Boat Festival. This is a yearly ceremony that is celebrated in China where family members gather to eat Zongzi, which is dumping that has been made from bamboo-wrapped and sticky rice.

Jingdong was involved in the sale of the popular dish in its website, which attracted millions of customers to purchase the product. Although JD.com is the largest retailer in China, it is not the ultimate dealer of this product. However, on this occasion, Jingdong, which is mostly known for its high affinity to fashion and electronics, played a vital role in the distribution of Zongzi. During the sales period, the largest retail outlet sold 47 tons of Zongzi.

Wu Fang Zhai, a time-honored southern Chine company that is known for selling the traditional dish, has seen its sales increase over the last few years. Its statistics indicate that the sales of Zongzi increase by 120% each year, especially during the anniversary of the annual Dragon Boat Festival. One of the reasons behind the rise in sales is because the company has enlisted JD.com as a sales partner.

Jingdong is the largest retail outlet in China, and as such, it can sell to millions of customers around the country. The large infrastructure that has been laid down by JD.com gives it a cutting edge when it comes to reaching the millions of Chinese customers located in various parts of the world. Wu Fang Zhai was interested in maximizing this opportunity because it knew that JD.com has a chance of revamping its sales.

According to Wu Fang Zhai, the central aspect of collaborating with JD.com is to try and reach corporate customers and huge companies in the country. JD.com uses data-driven marketing techniques so that it can be able to learn where it will market its products and services and which customers to target. This allowed the southern China company to target the right customers, which led to increased sales.

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