JD.com: Pioneers to a Healthier and Happier Chicken Industry

JD.com, JD is short for JingDong, started up its ethical chicken rearing business in 2016 and has doubled in size in less that threee years. They intentionally seek out impoverished rural areas of China for providng jobs with farming and chicken rearing. JD is one of only a handful of companies that are applying a new technique called blockchain for farming. Blockchain is a system that tracks and collects statistical data that can be easily shared with consumers.

Today, the majority of chickens available in supermarkets grow up in cages and never get to see the sunlight or interact with other chickens. There is a high demand for chicken that is humanely raised, however it is not well documented and difficult to really know if the animals lived how the company has claimed.

Science shows that free range birds that live this way are healthier and tend to have less of the stress hormone cortisone, saturated fat and lower levels of bad cholesterol levels, when compared to typical commercial raised chickents.

How JD Uses Blockchain Technology

JingDong encorporates digital information by recording health statistics of plants and farm animals. All the information is stored in a barcode that can be scanned that shows how it lived at the farm. Their chickens are sold with a small tagged barcode, which the consumer can scan or enter over the internet to learn about the bird, from the farm to their table.

JD.com attatches small pedometers to their chickens that records how many steps the bird has taken. They require that their birds take at least a million steps in their rearing stage. Statistics and pictures are taken that shows where the bird grew up, what food they ate, and even what the air quality and humidity was like where they lived. This helps to actuallly prove that the chicken had a better quality of life by getting sunshine, exercise, and interaction with other birds.

Data is recorded in realtime, so that it cannot be edited later to discourage counterfeiting information, which comes with high fines and reprocusions.

For details: www.youtube.com/channel/UCj1O__aZW_05RdTCL8E3kUA