Jeremy Goldstein Hosts the Gala in Support of Fountain House Mission

Jeremy Goldstein is a renowned Compensation Lawyer in the United States who graduated with degrees in MA-Chicago University, JD-New York University, and BA-Cornell University. He is a Law firm (Jeremy Goldstein & Associates) partner. The firm offers counsel to management teams, business owners and corporate and compensation committees. Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has been part of some of the most significant transactions in the last ten years including Truven Analytics’ acquisition, Westlake, eviCore Acquisition among others. He sits as the chair of the Subcommittee of Acquisition and Mergers. He speaks and writes on compensation issues of governance and executive.


The prominent lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein will be the gala host. The event will be a wine dinner for Mental Illness Charity. The beneficiary being Fountain House, works to ensure that people with severe mental illness get to live a normal life. The Charity House was formed in 1944 with various people who suffered from mental illness and sought to assist others. Through the years, mental illness still remains a serious societal issue and the stigma around it is very unfortunate. WHO reveals that about 25% of the global population will experience mental illness at one point in their lives. In every 25 adults, one of them lives with a serious mental issue, while 20% of children aged 13 to 18 will encounter the illness.


The mission of Fountain House is to help people with mental illness to recover and has made life better for individuals who suffer from mental illness by providing job opportunities and affordable housing for them. This has ensured that they have decent housing and the monetary power to fulfill their basic needs. Fountain House also gives them the chance to further their education enabling them to enhance and utilize their talents for the benefit of the community.


Fountain House has been a voice for individuals suffering from mental illness on both the local and global scale so that their needs can be catered for to ensure they live productive and healthy lives. The standards of living for New Yorkers have increased as a result of the Fountain House Initiatives. These initiatives work to find the number of permanently employed individuals who suffer from mental illness. Only 15% of the population suffering from mental illnesses are employed but Fountain House has ensured that it employs them at 42%.


The shift of focus to broaden their attention to the global level from the local level will ensure it expands its productivity to the world. Fountain House will provide people with mental illnesses a chance to accomplish their individual goals while contributing to society. The Charity House has also been open to receiving all members regardless of their level of education. Fountain House believes that one can always advance their education with help from the House. People with mental illness are fortunate that they can get assistance to enable them to live as comfortably as the other society members.


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