Jeremy Goldstein Is A Prominent Attorney Who Gives Back To His Community

Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent attorney based in New York. The major focus of his legal practice is working in the area of corporate mergers and acquisitions. Over the course of the last several years, Mr. Goldstein has worked with some well-known companies involved in the merger and acquisition process. Two of the companies that he assisted were Sears and Alltel. He also played in a part in the deal between Time Warner and AT&T.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who specializes in his field, and that is an attractive quality to those who are seeking out legal assistance. Mr. Goldstein has worked in the areas of banking, finance and management, so he knows what is necessary in order to successfully bring a merger and acquisition deal to fruition.


Most mergers involve billions of dollars in assets being transferred. The entire process takes a wealth of legal knowledge so that negotiations between the various parties can by successful. Since he is a mergers and acquisitions specialist, Jeremy Goldstein has earned the trust and confidence of those in the business world. This makes complex negotiations run more smoothly.


In addition to his mergers and acquisitions work, Jeremy Goldstein has started to focus on providing individualized guidance to CEOs. He noticed in his legal practice that some CEOs found it difficult to arrive at a decision and then stick with that decision. Mr. Goldstein seeks to help CEOs in two ways. He helps them to establish a management structure that will allow the CEO to more easily delegate responsibilities. Mr. Goldstein also helps CEOs to understand the legal ramifications of a decision before a final business decision is made.


In addition to working with CEOs and operating his legal practice, Jeremy Goldstein finds it important to give back to his local community. One way that he has done this is by hosting a premier event for charity. Earlier this year, Mr. Goldstein hosted a %5,000 per person event that used the money received for the benefit of a charity called Fountain House. Mr. Goldstein is a member of the board of this charity that helps to improve the lives of those who are suffering from various forms of mental illness.


As a successful attorney, Jeremy Goldstein plans to continue to work in the M&A field. He is diligently building his own private legal practice. In the future, Jeremy Goldstein plans to engage in more philanthropic work for the causes that are important to him.


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