Jeremy Goldstein: Tips on How to Become a Good Executive Compensation Attorney

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the leading executive compensation lawyer s in the United States. He owns a law firm called the Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, and it caters mostly to business entities that have issues with executive compensation and corporate governance. He is also an active member of the American Bar Association, holding the position as a chairman for the Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee.



The idea to start focusing on issues surrounding executive compensation and corporate governance began more than a decade ago when Jeremy Goldstein found an opportunity for his law firm to manage these cases. He had to think carefully about his decisions, but he realized that assisting the largest corporations in the country would give his business a boost. He started to work on cases that involve executive compensation and corporate governance, and he was able to win most of the cases that he handled.



When an individual goes directly to his office for legal assistance, the first thing that Jeremy Goldstein does is to ask questions, some of which are personal inquiries. He said that by looking at his client’s private life, he would have an idea if the case is worth defending. Once he accepted the case, he would contact his networks to start gathering evidence. Working as an attorney would require him to become available 24/7, especially when his clients wanted to know some updates about their cases.



Jeremy Goldstein do not want to be swamped his cases, so he is making sure that his load is still manageable. However, he still uses a lot of time and energy to resolve each case assigned to him. He also pointed out that the nature of his profession allows him to learn through experiences, and when a similar case starts to pop-up, he knew how to resolve it because he encountered it before.



Once he is able to establish the defenses, he would report to his clients and tell them about his progress. Jeremy Goldstein is putting a lot of emphasis in building a close relationship with the clients. He stated that when a legal professional knows their clients by heart, it would be easier for them to find out more information that can help resolve the case. He also pointed out the importance of being observant and turning any disadvantages to an advantage.



In the past, Jeremy Goldstein would always feel anxious every time he does something wrong. However, what he did not realize back then was that for every setback he experienced, a good opportunity awaits. As a hardworking and determined person, reaching for his dreams became an easy task. Today, Jeremy Goldstein works hard to reach some of his uncompleted goals in life, while at the same time, improving his skills as a legal professional.


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