Jeunesse creates breakthrough energy drink with M1nd

One of the oldest desires of people, especially since the advent of the cognition-intensive high-tech society, has been to increase their levels of intelligence, mental stamina and cognitive performance. Unfortunately, science has now determined that there is effectively no way to make permanent gains in intelligence. However, there are some seemingly paradoxical results. One example is the fact that a certain class of amphetamines and similar drugs that are used to treat ADHD and other related diseases have, in fact, been shown to increase cognitive performance and its proxies in people who suffer from that condition. But it actually turns out that those drugs are not increasing the users’ intelligence. Rather, they are ameliorating the negative personality traits that tend to inhibit the full expression of those people’s mental abilities.

But there is another thing that these drugs are extremely adept at combating. That is sleep deprivation. Some studies have estimated that by the end of the week, nearly all workers are suffering from some level of sleep deprivation. And many of the country’s employees may be severely sleep deprived by the end of a typical work week. While psychology has roundly established that there is no way to raise intelligence, there are many ways to lower it. And one of the most prominent ways to do so is to deprive someone of large amounts of sleep. In fact, by the time that someone has lost 15 hours of sleep over the course of a week, they may be operating at a level that is just a few notches above functional retardation.

The severe effects of sleep deprivation, however, can be nearly completely reversed by drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, which are amphetamine-like drugs that are used to treat ADHD. In doing so, these drugs can appear to increase the cognitive ability and performance of users.

Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the leading health and beauty brands in the world today, has developed an all-natural analogue to these drugs. Known as M1nd, it is the first energy drink that has the same alertness-inducing properties as the drugs used to treat conditions like ADHD.