Jos Auriemo Neto Influence in the Property Market through JHSF

One of the markets that Forbes has invested a lot of time studying is — the high-end property market. According to pundits, the market is unique in terms of investment capacity, and more importantly, the risks involved. José Auriemo Neto understands this reality, and according to him, the market space is still an important part of the world economy. In the last two decades, he has been part of JHSF in redefining this reality.

According to him, the market requires diversification and more importantly, understanding what the market requires. José Auriemo Neto, for example, points out that that the market is diverse and the diversity is a blessing to investors. As part of JHSF, he has assisted the market in expanding smoothly and more importantly — accommodate changes in this market. As an executive in this market, he is interested in investing in the hotel industry, real estate, and in developing better and modern office spaces.

However, the growth in this market requires a collective approach to work, which José Auriemo Neto has invested in, for the past decade. In his company, he encourages people to work in smaller groups, and each group has a specific target. This policy has assisted JHSF to be productive and more importantly, to utilize the talents it has in its workforce. Neto believes that this is the future of the market.

In addition to having a communal approach to work at the company level, José Auriemo Neto points out that working with other industry actors is important. As part of JHSF, he understands that operating, as an independent entity is not economically wise. However, working with fashion brands, hospitality establishments, and companies looking for offices is a game changer in the property space. For the last 36 months, the company has worked with fashion entities in ensuring occupancy of their malls is at 100%.

Finally, new talents in the workforce are also his greatest passion. José Auriemo Neto has helped tens of young and talented investors to work for company under different capacities. Although he is a believer in academic qualifications, passion, and personal drive are some of the factors he looks in new talents.

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