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What To Do About Kevin Plank

What do you do with this kind of person, Kevin Plank? You know the type, graduates high school in 1996, enters a Military Academy for a year where he begins his college football career. A year later, he enters the University of Maryland, where he will soon graduate with a degree in Business Administration. While participating in football practices, he soon tired of constantly having to change into a dry shirt due to tough workouts. All that changing led him to become an entrepreneur, businessman, and owner, philanthropist, and friend to so many.

Kevin Plank envisioned a type of shirt that would transfer the sweat out of the shirt and keep the athlete cool and dry. The shirt had to be lightweight, yet durable. Thus Under Armour was born. His first sales were to his football teammates and friends, from the trunk of his car. With the first ad he bought, one in ESPN magazine, his revenue became astronomical almost instantly. The money came in and topped $1 million. Today Plank and his Under Armour Company maintain 15,000 employees and rake in a cool $5 billion.

Since then, Kevin Plank has created Sagamore Spirits, a whiskey distillery, Sagamore Farms where he owns a Breeder’s Cup winner, rents stables and also trains horses on a 530-acre farm. Plank Industries is his Real Estate Development Company. Plank Industries has renovated properties, developed a mixed-use project in Port Covington, and Recreation Pier in Fells Point has been renovated, thanks to Plank Industries. Plank’s latest venture involves Virgin Galactic and spacesuits for future astronauts. He expects New York will stand at attention as well as Wall Street. This venture will likely boost the value of shares for those who focus on stock markets in New York. To know more about him click here.

Plank’s philanthropy began way back in 1999 when his college roommate was in an accident. The roommate became a quadriplegic in that tragic accident. Plank purchased a customized wheelchair for his friend. His philanthropic endeavors today include College Bound was donated tens of millions of dollars along with many hours. He also supports UA House, Dingman Centers Endowment Fund, St. John’s High School, Cold Field House Project, along with many, many more.

So what do you do with someone like Kevin Plank? You admire him, you respect him and you thank him.

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