Kevin Seawright Makes Great Change

Kevin Seawright is the current Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer at RPS Solutions (Real Property Solutions) LLC. He has worked for the company so far for two years and three months, providing a general oversight for the entirety of RPS Solutions LLC.

Working to sustain a work environment that can accurately and progressively asist in the areas such as recruiting, selecting, motivating, evaluating, and developing staff to be at their best possible levels of strengths and abilities.

Before his position as Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer over RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright worked as the Executive Vice President as well as the Chief Financial Officer over the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, and before that he was the Executive Director of Operations at the Collington Episcopal Life Care Community as well as having held a multitude of different positions with the City of Baltimore’s governmental branches including that of the Baltimore City Government, the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks, the Baltimore City Department of Housing, as well as the City Of Baltimore.

He has achieved both his Masters of Business Administration as well as an Executive Leadership degree.

In his free time Seawright volunteers as a basketball coach for the Suffolk Virginia Recreation center where he lends his assistance to help young impressionable children get a chance to be around someone accomplished who can inspire them into believing that they too can come to eventually accomplish their own greatness.

Living and working out of the Baltimore, Maryland Area, this highly achieved individual has grown into a beacon of hope for the youth of the community especially and the general Baltimore, Maryland Area as a whole through all his wide accomplishments within their government and the community together.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright is doing excellent things for the world at large and it is by his undying devotion and passion for helping others in all that he can that helps him become so incredibly esteemed and outstanding.

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