Laerte Codonho Battles for Fair competition

Competition can be good when it provides consumers with an excellent product. Sometimes competition can go too far when companies use underhanded practices. Laerte Codonho, Dolly soda CEO, was locked in conflict with Coca Cola for over a year with a variety of issues. One of Dolly soda flavors is cola. 

Dolly brand soda has been marketed in the southeastern part of Brazil since 1987 when Dolly diet soda was launched. Dolly gained national attention with Coca Cola being its strong competition. Dolly’s most popular soda is Dolly Guarana. The guarana fruit is big business in Brazil. The Guarana fruit grew in Latin America back in 1905 when the syrup was first processed in making soda. Normally, the guarana fruit has a bitter part. When the fruit drink is used in soda, bitterness is removed and only the sweetness remains. The more astringent strain of guarana fruit is utilized to make energy drinks (Conjur).

The Guarana flavor gives Dolly soda 10 percent of the market in Brazil. São Paulo’s market hold a 30 percent share. Laerte Codonho has a savvy business sense that touches on the needs of the consumer and satisfy what it takes to run a large company. Laerte Codonho came up with Dolly soda slogan. Dolly: For those who are not afraid…for the better. Laerte Codonho added information about Dolly soda’s strict policy as part of the campaign. Codonho created Dollynho, the anthropomorphic soda bottle that’s the Dolly mascot. Dollynho is recognized all over the world. Dollynho is used on the internet in memes, and more. 

The mascot has heightened Dolly’s presence in the international stage giving the soda a larger customer base. Dolly’s impressive rise in popularity has been weighted down with conflict and struggle from the Coca Cola soda company. For Laerte Codonho, as Dolly soda became more successful, it took profits away from its competition. Many of Dolly’s battles are based on the past infringements many companies were involved with to decided the number one spot. As a result of unfair practices, many companies closed and declared bankruptcy. Laerte Codonho holds integrity fair practice and many advocates. 

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