Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund Helps Minorities and Upholding Civil Rights of These Individuals

A problem that is seen everyday in the United States is racial profiling. This problem persists because of the diversity within our population. The problem comes from believers who feel that all people of one color are bad. This problem is an on going problem as the children of these people are also taught those same beliefs.

Racial profiling is occurring more and more as we tend to see more people from different ethnic backgrounds enter in the United States. It is those people who are affected the most by the violations of civil rights. These rights are not just rights that have been handed over to those who had family in slavery but of all individuals in the United States. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter

People who enter into this country illegally do not know how to ensure that their own civil rights are upheld. Migrants and immigrants are also entitled to having civil rights due to humanity. These people enter into the states with hopes that they will be treated fairly and that their lives will be better when moving to America. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

As a migrant or immigrant ponder moving to the states, they often are plagued by the idea that if they do not obtain citizenship that they will be deported the moment they encounter any type of authority. They think that if there is an emergency and they visit a hospital, the hospital will notify the right agencies and the individual will be held and deported back to their country. This fear is what makes more people want to cross the border illegally rather than crossing it legally.

For people who are affected by this, they know how important it is to ensure that their civil rights are upheld and that is why there are a number of agencies out there ensuring advocacy for those people. For 2 individuals, they know this first hand.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were arrested in October of 2007 and jailed. Their own civil rights and First Amendment were violated in the process. It was later on that these two people decided to do something about it. They started a lawsuit against the county in which they were arrested in and jailed. This lawsuit established 3.75 million dollars for the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

This fund has been established to help ensure that more individuals who are affected by civil rights and human rights violations are getting the justice they deserve. It is because they have experienced this same problem that they are passionate in helping others who suffer from this problem.

Jim and Mike know how difficult it is for individuals who are ethnically challenged and that is why they are working to hard to help these individuals out. With the help of this fund and the various advocacy groups out there, more people are receiving equal justice within the justice system. If you can change the mind of one person and how they feel towards minorities, you are one step closer to creating a fair and equal justice system.

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