List of Products and Services Offered by the Fortress Group

The Fortress Investment Group offers an array of services in financial management and investments. The group has a trained and experienced team in areas like banking, hedge fund, alternative assets. In 2016, the Fortress Investment Group managed alternative assets that were valued at 70.2 billion dollars. Some of the products that are offered by the group include credit funds, Traditional Assets Management, and private equity. It has many subsidiaries such as NationStar Mortgage, Railroad Acquisition Holding, AirCastle, and Brookdale Senior Living. The Fortress Investment Group was launched in the NYSE in 2006 making it one of the few private equity firms to be publicly traded. In 2009, it had offered more than 8% of its shares to the public.

In 2014, the organization was named the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year thus boosting its penetration into new regions. In 2017, Softbank Group Corp which is based on Japan acquired the firm. The move made the firm fall under the parent Company but retained its operations and team. In the recent years, the firm has increased its activities in private equity, credit, and permanent capital vehicles. Some of the permanent capital vehicles include New Senior Investment Group, the Fortress Transportation and Infrastructures investors, New Residential Investment Corp and New Media Investment Group. In the coming years, the group intends to register its operations in new areas.

The Creation of the Fortress Group

The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and has registered consistent growth for the past two decades. It has expanded its services to different sectors such as banking, transport infrastructures and other operations. It is regarded as being one of the largest asset and investment managers across the globe. The organization was founded by Rob Kaufman, Randal Nardone, Rob Kaufman, and Wes Edens. Kaufman resigned from the organization with Randal and Wes Edens being engaged in its operations up to date. Randal Nardone acts as the director of the Fortress Investment Group while Wes Edens is both the Chairman and CEO of the organization. The financial experts are credited for the creation of diverse services and upholding a positive organizational culture.

Looking at the growth process of the Fortress Group, it is clear that it has benefited a lot by investing in skills and talent. The people who worked for the company are professionals who are ready to put their work ahead of anything else. The principals of the company lead in this area.