Local Loans with Advice from Paul Saunders and James River Capital

Starting a business can be a challenge but turning an idea into a success can be fulfilling. There are many success stories that come from individuals who have started their own business from the ground up. Those who are looking to become entrepreneurs often have questions about financing their company. It can be helpful to listen to the wisdom and the advice of someone who has had success in this field.


James River Capital is one of the leading finance companies in the industry. Registered with the SEC as a Commodity Trading Advisor, the company has advised many people on trading a wide variety of assets. The company was founded in 1995 and is still led by its original CEO, Paul Saunders. Mr. Saunders generously donates his time and money to a variety of causes and also leads his own charitable foundation with his wife. Paul Saunders enjoys providing advice to those who are looking to start their own successful business.

When it comes to funding, one of the options that people should explore is called local loans. This is often overlooked; however, Mr. Saunders says that the local Chamber of Commerce can provide business owners with helpful information regarding how they can secure their own local source of funding.

Many businesses are referred to something called a local business development center. These are often located at universities. In addition to providing advice on funding, this is also a great way for someone to network with other entrepreneurs and business owners who might be able to provide information on other investors. 

Often, these business centers are thrilled to help someone start their own business. They can provide assistance on various loan options and can even help someone fill out the paperwork. These local sources of funding are a fantastic and cost-effective way for someone to get their business idea moving in the right direction.