LocationSmart Leverages IP Geolocation To Bolster Business bottom Lines

Business owners are busy running their businesses. That’s a big job with a myriad of responsibilities. That’s why it’s not surprising that when you mention something like IP geolocation to the average owner or manager, they might say: “What’s that?”

The fact is, if more business owners and managers were familiar with IP geolocation, they would get a lot more interested because of what it can do for their day to day operations and bottom line. IP geolocation can make a business more profitable, grow the customer base and make the experience customers have with a company more enjoyable.

What is IP geolocation? Let’s start with the IP. That stands for Internet Provider. All devices that use the internet have a unique IP address.

That includes your smartphone, your computer, tablet, GPS device, etc. A geolocation service, then, uses that IP address to pinpoint where you are when you are using your device. You can be located no matter where you are. It means a business can be located by customers when they need to buy something, as well.

Knowing this information makes possible an unbelievable number of applications that help businesses and people accomplish all kinds of tasks in a way never before possible. The possibilities are so vast, entire companies sprang up around the concept of “Location as a Service (LaaS). The leading company in that realm today is LocationSmart based in Carlsbad, California.

One example of LaaS or IP geolocation functionality is in the realm of compliance with local laws and regulations. Many industries are regulated at least partially based on their location. Online gaming and the lottery are prime examples.

Games are regulated individually by each state they operate within. Each state has its own rules. Games that are national in scope would be impossible to regulate without the services that LocationSmart provides.

Another key area is fraud prevention. Businesses can now easily tap into IP intelligence to determine if any user’s account is being accessed by an unknown entity. Furthermore, IP location can find out if efforts are being made to conceal an individual’s location and data. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

As a business owner, your customers want to know they are working with a company that is secure when connecting with them via the internet. IP geolocation makes this not only possible but easy.

Business owners can use IP geolocation to gain real-time information about where each customer is located at any given time. This makes instant communication with any user possible. This means you can customize your company’s service to each customer and respond to their needs immediately.

The examples given are only a few of the numerous ways LocationSmart can bolster your business, increase profits and nurture customer relationships.

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