Lori Senecal Highlights About Branding Lessons From Wayward Celebrities

In 2008, Lori Senecal looked at how corporations and their brands could benefit by adopting the strategies used by wayward celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Amy Winehouse. The Global CEO of CP&B looked at the various antics that these celebrities’ employ and compared them with companies that have successfully used such strategies.

Lori knows that many people will question her idea as these celebrities are always endangering the works that made them famous, embarrass themselves, as well as flirt with death and disaster. However, she asks anyone doubting these stars strategies on AdWeek.com to explain how they are always on the front page of glossy magazines, brand ambassadors, and owners of successful product lines. Below are lessons brands can learn from the wayward celebrities.

Hiring a great stylist is critical in radically transforming a brand. Lori Senecal uses the example of Lindsay Lohan who transformed from a Disney teen Queen to a Karl Lagerfeld with the help of a stylist. Nicole Ritchie who was transformed by her stylist from a ‘stripper casual’ to a red-carpet taste maker has also used the strategy successfully.

Great comebacks appeal better to consumers than good train wrecks. With the wayward celebrities, they continue to push harder for controversial publicity that see them ending in rehab, having unwanted pregnancies, or even serving a jail term. Lori Senecal contends that a good comeback from these situations helps the celebrities to take advantage of the publicity and transform their careers. Martha Steward employed this strategy when she was jailed for tax evasion. In the corporate world, Nintendo has been able to reinvent itself by releasing the Wii brand.

Wayward celebrities are always expanding their profiles on Salary.com. In addition, singers are acting and directing music videos. Actors are also producers, online entrepreneurs, directors, and clothing or fragrance line owners. Xbox has been able to establish itself as more than just a game console considering that users are now able to play movies and access internet using the device. Lori argues that companies producing alcoholic drinks are using their brands to launch energy drinks.

Celebrities are the experts in downsizing. Lori posits that rumors of eating disorder usually accompany a sudden weight loss among female celebrities. The publicity at https://twitter.com/digitalori?lang=en generated by such drastic weight loss has seen stars such as The Olsen Twins reignite their careers as actresses in the film ‘It Girls.’ Apple used this strategy when it designed the iPod Nano.

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  1. Apple’s iPhone became a successful product due to its great design despite having many engineering and service problems. She believes that these disaster prone stars could be the key to breakthroughs in branding. I have reexamined everything and I will do homework online for them to believe in the thing.

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