Lori Senecal: The Leading Woman At CP+B

With her brilliant leadership skills and ideas that have taken CP+B to a whole new level, Lori Senecal has become a force to be reckoned with. The Global CEO of CP+B has taken on massive challenges and has proven to be successful, even in the incredibly male-dominated field of advertising. Being the global CEO of the company means that Lori Senecal has to oversee the operations of not just one office of CP+B, but all of the offices in the various countries that they are operational in. Senecal has brought along a massive amount of changes to the company and has benefited their growth immensely during her tenure. She has improved the operations of all of the international offices of CP+B and has brought along more businesses to the company than it had before.

Because of the positive contribution that she has had on CP+B and all of its worldwide offices, Senecal has been the recipient of numerous awards. Some of the more notable awards that she has received were the Creativity Innovators of the Year award. She was awarded this title in 2017, which was shortly after she was put on the Agency Executives To Watch Out For List, which was published by Adweek Magazine. She has been a regular on the pages of Adweek Magazine and has been featured several times for being one of the top executives in the financial field. Check out Bloomberg to see more.

Lori Senecal was born and raised in Canada and started working in the advertising field at the beginning of her career. She has been known to put out an exemplary quality of ads which have won several awards over the course of the years.

In addition to her leadership and business strategies that she has been known to implement for CP+B, Lori Senecal is also known for the several articles and editorials that she has published over the years. One of her more well-known publications was ‘Clueless Or Subtly Strategic? What Brands Can Learn From Wayward Celebrities’. She received a lot of praise for her analysis and research that she had done on the article, and gave advertisers all over a cue for an alternate strategy to grab attention.

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