Lovaganza Is Set To Unite The World With Creativity And Art Like Never Before

I personally love the idea of a united world which is bonded through love and brotherhood. Lovaganza seems to be all about that added with the sweetness of feelings, colors of creativity and richness of cultures worldwide. The bird’s eye view of the Lovaganza park which depicts a big field with various red and white striped tents is catching to the eye. The map of the park is designed and illustrated by Javier Martinez who is very detail oriented and knows his work with colors and designs.

The idea of Lovaganza was started by French Canadian director Jean Francois Gagnon along with his wife, Genevieve Gagnon. They have also been working continuously towards making the grand Lovaganza 2020 worldwide celebration a success. The event is set to take place all across 50 cities in the world.

The Lovaganza brand is a massive one and is mainly streamlined into two foundations. One is the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise which is a profit organization which focuses on providing global entertainment by binding varied cultures and people from all across the globe. The Lovaganza Foundation on the other hand is a non-profit organization which supports the active and social initiatives all across the globe.

The Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy is set to be released in 2018. The whole trilogy idea is very innovative and has been never ever presented to the world in such a large and an extravagant style. It consists of Marvelous 12 animated series and is inspired by Bohemian adventure. The Lovaganza Convoy will take you to a topsy turvy ride of fun, action, suspense, drama, thriller and comedy.

The music of the animated series has been recorded at the prestigious Abbey Studio, London. The studio on prnewswire.com has a long history of being the seat of recordings for world classics like Star Wars, The Lord Of the Rings, Beatles, etc.,

The Convoy Trilogy will be presented to the world during the months leading up to Lovaganza 2020 celebration. The Trilogy of Lovaganza will be shown on huge 180 degrees glassless 3D screens in the IMMERSCOPE team traveling theaters as well as regular theaters of the world.

Extravaganza of Love is another perk of the 2020 celebration. It is a splendid stage production with excellent live actors, dancers and acrobats performing from varied cultures all across the world. Most unique landscapes of the Earth will be shown on Immerscope’s 360 degree glassless 3d screen.

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