LumeN XT Appoints Marc Beer as Chairman of Board

Marc Beer was recently announced as the new chairman of the Board at LumeNXT inc. The firm is a private company which focuses on the development of proprietary surgical illumination products for minimally invasive surgeries.


Throughout Marc Beer’s career, which spans over two decades, he has been involved in development and commercialization in different fields. This includes pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, and devices, in addition to his current leadership role.


LumeN XT provides advanced illumination platform which can be harnessed as a way to reduce heat and better the surgical precision, safety, and low-cost disposable alternatives through the developed visualization.


It is a handy tool, especially for surgeons who use targeted illumination due to the enhanced visualization, flexibility, and precision during operations. This reduces the fatalities caused by outdated techniques.


Before landing his current role, Marc Beer hails as the founding chairman and acting CEO of Renovia Inc. The firm was founded to discover and also deliver its first line of digital diagnostic and therapeutic devices meant for women diagnosed with pelvic floor disorders back in 2016.


Previously, Marc Beer served as the inventor of Minerva. The firm was a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical which pay attention to building of a host of product candidates for the treatment of the central nervous system related diseases. Learn more:


The firm conducted various late-stage clinical trials together with the development of innovative therapeutic compounds for insomnia, mood disorders, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, and depressive disorders.


In addition, Mr. Beer served various biopharmaceutical area leaderships. He was in charge of the commercial launches which addressed rare disease on the international scale, initial public offerings, global growth, and acquisitions among many.


A list of the various positions that Marc Beer has served includes stints at Good Start Genetics as the chair’s founder, ViaCell as the CEO, Erytech Pharma among the board of directors, Genzyme as the VP for Global Marketing and other marketing roles at Abbott Laboratories.


He also was a member at mass life board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He also served on the biotech industry and also other emerging companies. This is a big example of the extraordinary career of Marc Beer.