Maarten De Jeu Success In International Business

When it comes to international businesses, growth is necessary to avoid business failure. All companies need incentives to help them keep up to the changing market. Global companies that have used the skills and expertise of Maarten De Jeu have seen massive success in their line of work. Maarten De Jeu is an international specialist and an advisor. He specializes in corporate development, real estate, international business, and the financial and insurance sectors.


He went to the Leiden University where he graduated with a major in public administration and social science in 2001. He did not stop there but instead went to oxford business school where he got his executive MBA in 2005. He had also specialized in finance while still at it. During this period, he was still working at TVDK, a management consortia company based in Amsterdam. He left the firm in 2007, but he had gained a lot of experience in international trade and corporate strategies. 

Maarten De Jeu joined Aviva Plc in London in2008. He worked as the director for strategy and corporate development. He assessed all open opportunities and made strategic moves. This initiative saw the insurance grow in Europe and Asia, and the sales of life insurance policies in the united states increased.


Maarten De Jeu is full of entrepreneurial skills, and he is an expert when it comes to developing strategies, acquiring properties, businesses improvement, and investment. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he founded SVM Business Advisory. A firm that is committed to ensuring that its clients make correct and logical decisions. 

His firm has grown over the years, and it has more than 100 clients. Some big clients that have worked with Maarten De Jeu are ABN AMRO, ING Heinz among others. He helps his clients make the right investment decision as they gain a competitive advantage. Learn more:

De Jeu is a tennis lover, and during his free time, he loves playing and spending time with his family. He Iis very active when it comes to community associations. Some of his community clubs are Economic Club of Chicago, Environmental Law and Policy Centre and Harris School of Public Policy.

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