Madison Street Capital Negotiates Merger Deal

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking company with locations around the world. The specialize in mid-market sized companies to which they provide their financial services including handling mergers and acquisitions deals. They recently performed this service for their client, DCG Software Value, for which they served as the financial advisor in their merger with The Spitfire Group.


DCG Software Value is a company that offers software estimation services and value management software. The Spitfire Group is a technology consulting business so a merger between the two companies was a natural fit. The Madison Street Capital team member handling the transaction was Jay Rodgers. Madison Street Capital reputation as an effective and efficient partner in handling transactions such as this was the reason the DCG Software Value selected them for this important transaction.


Charles Botchway is the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital. When announcing the merger had been successful he complimented the management teams of both The Spitfire Group and DCG Software Value as exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable. He thanked the CEO’s of both companies for the opportunity to work with them.


Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago, IL. They also have offices in Oregon, Ghana, and two locations in India. In addition to handling M&A transactions, they provide a wide range of business services. Among these are calculating the value of companies which is necessary whenever a company is looking to be bought or sold. Madison Street Capital is also effective at helping companies raise capital in order to expand their product offerings and/or enter into new markets.


Another important financial service that the team at Madison Street Capital provides is tax planning for business owners. Many business owners don’t take advantage of tax planning strategies which leave them paying more in taxes than they should be paying.


Additionally, Madison Street Capital offers business exit planning services. Their exit plan is designed to maximize the amount a business owner sells his company for including accounting for taxes. The taxes that are owed on the sale of a business catches many business owners by surprise which can be avoided by using Madison Street Capital to put a plan in place that will account for and reduce the amount of taxes that are owed.


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