MAGFAST Founder Seymour Segnit And The Lesson From A Photo Lab


MAGFAST Founder and CEO Seymour Segnit knew he was meant for something other than academia and corporate life.

Seymour Segnit’s engineering education at Oxford University and a short work stint at the famous Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi were a realization of what he needed to do differently.

This change of career direction led him to an experience that made an impression on him, enough of an impression to become one of his guiding principles of creating a winning product and starting a new business.

It was while Seymour Segnit became successful in managing ski resorts thirty years ago that he saw how this one photo lab exemplified wowing the resort customers, a lesson that stayed with him through the years. One of the services they offered in this resort was to have photographers take pictures of customers and offering them pictures of themselves on the slopes in large-sized prints as take-home souvenirs.

Now as it was the time when print photography was still popular, processing them was far more complicated than how digital photography processing is done. Sometimes, a hairline scratch would occur. There’s no way of retaking those shots and no way of cleaning it up like digital photography. Refer to This Article for related information.

The photo lab attendant would have the chosen pictures with hairline scratch printed twice. He would then apologize, explain it was printed quickly and that it had a scratch. He then offered the customer two prints instead of one. Go Here for additional information.

The result was either the customer decided not getting it or a WOW of a response for being offered so much more than what he’s paying for. This experience has impressed Seymour Segnit to deliver the kind of product and service that surpasses customer’s expectations in everything he does. And that’s what you get when you purchase the MAGFAST chargers and do business with Seymour Segnit.


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