MAGFAST Presents a Great Development in Mobile Charging Technology

MAGFAST is changing the way that people charge their phones. With space-saving designs that eliminate the need for bulky wires or multiple outlets and accessories, they’ll help you save money on energy costs, as well as, helping the environment by reducing electrical waste. MAGFAST Chargers were developed by the company’s founder Seymour Segnit who felt there was a need to eliminate excessive waste while reducing the need for cords and separate plugs. Segnit was unable to have scientists developed the product through a lack of understanding of his objectives. The Oxford University-educated entrepreneur took it upon himself to develop a product that would accomplish his goals and more.

MAGFAST’s charging products have been able to produce a product for virtually every charging need. MAGFAST Chargers eliminate the disconnection that’s so easily caused by the slightest movement of a phone or tablet by using magnetic technology for charging. One of the most popular products is a wall outlet design that charges your phone while sitting on top of the outlet. You won’t lose the use of the outlet through its design. They can also be built upon each other, so you’ll be able to use one charger to power many. The space-saving design works in your vehicle, home, office, or anywhere else that you need a wireless and speedy charging solution. Power banks are also available to charge while on the go. You’ll never have to lose access to your wireless devices due to a dead battery.

Segnit is so confident with MAGFAST Chargers, they’re offering many products for free along with pre-ordering of two of their most popular devices. Pre-orders for their newest products are available through their website located at The company was able to reach its crowdfunding goal in only 15 minutes online and has pledged to plant trees for each device purchased. It’s a great time to check out MAGFAST Chargers to get in on this exciting development in technology.