Managed Healthcare With Rick Shinto and InnovaCare Health

Many people look to the healthcare industry as a way to get their needs met. Healthcare is complicated because there are so many health insurance companies and so many guidelines, in terms of coverage. There is one simple thing all Americans want and need: comprehensive health insurance that will lessen their medical bills. Many people desire a healthcare provider that values themselves as a human being, not a number. The constant healthcare debate Will Always Have supporters on one side and opposition on the other side. With this said, many more companies are evolving and realizing that it is the people that should matter. With comprehensive health insurance, people don’t have to feel the stress of affording healthcare or being without something else. The feeling of being able to afford health insurance is a feeling that can’t be described. There us a healthcare provider that thinks about the patients first. A company that is not only dedicated to their patients but to their staff members as well. Read the company overview at Bloomberg.

InnovaCare Health is a healthcare management company that works with government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare Advantage. The company is a leading provider of managed healthcare services in the United States. Their two tiers of managed healthcare are why they are so successful in the healthcare industry. InnovaCare Heath provides comprehensive healthcare service to their patients that are sustainable and cost-effective. The company works with a diverse staff of individuals that work hard to provide great healthcare to their patients. InnovaCare Health has a set of values that put the patient first. The healthcare company strives to put quality healthcare first. They ensure that there will be strong patient and healthcare relationships. InnovaCare Health provides innovative healthcare practices and technologies.

The leadership at InnovaCare Health is a great set of individuals working towards making the healthcare industry for the public. Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare Health. Dr. Richard Shinto has worked in leadership roles at Aveta Inc and NAMM California. At Aveta Inc, Rick Shinto was the Chief Executive Officer and President. At NAMM California, Richard Shinto served as the Chief Medical Officer.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health. Before working at InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides was the Chief Operating Officer and the Executive Vice President at Centerlight Healthcare. At Centerlight Healthcare, she was in charge of the managed care division. Penelope Kokkinides received her Master’s from New York University. Visit their website at

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