“Marc Beer Fundraisng “

Marc Beer is a business person of high profile in the United States. He is also a professional business administrator and who plays a crucial role in the Healthcare sector as he vastly invests in the industry. Marc is a native of Dallas and an alumnus of the University of Miami.He graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He started working after graduating from the University, and he has worked in many companies assuming the top managerial positions.


Marc has worked in a Company in the United States Known as Genzyme Therapeutics Worldwide as the Vice President of Global Marketing. He has also served as the President of Global Marketing at Sanofi Company from the year 1996 to 2000. Marc also made a remarkable achievement which he was working at Biostar as the Vice President of sales and marketing. At Viacell, Company, Marc used to be the Chief Executive Officer, and he was the one responsible for the firm’s growth and prosperity.


Marc Beer has spent over 20 years developing and commercializing the two significant industries in the healthcare sector which are; the pharmaceutical industry and the biotechnology industry. Despite him being a business administration and not a health professional, Marc plays a very significant role in the health sector. He is the owner and principal founding officer of Renovia Inc.


Renovia is a pharmaceutical company which is well known in the country for manufacturing products which are used in the diagnosis and management of pelvic disorders, conditions which affect the reproductive system of the females. The company has one product in the market known as Leva which is used in the treatment of such conditions like urinary incontinence. The pharmaceutical product was approved by the FDA, and indeed it yields the desired results.


Last year, 2018, Marc Beer conducted a fundraising event at Dallas with the aim of raising funds which will be used in the accomplishment of a project in his company. The project was mainly for improving and coming up with a new array of diagnostic and pharmaceutical products which will be used in proper management of pelvic floor disorders. Many investment companies and well-known businesspersons attended the fundraising event and together they raised a total of $ 42 billion.


The main aim of the fundraising was to boost the reproductive health of women living in Boston and the entire country at large. Marc Beer has an objective of improving the living standards of people living in his native homeland hence he conducted the fundraising event with the aim of improving the health status of women and relieving them from pain. The project is now ongoing and it will be completed this year. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcbeer