Marc Beer Has Decades Of Pharmaceutical Experience As A Leader

The world of medicine is always changing and there are people who help these changes along on an executive level such as Marc Beer. Marc Beer has held positions at many different companies involved in medicine but now he is the Chief Executive Officer of Renovia, a company that he co-founded in August 2016. So far, the company has already had one product approved and released for the treatment of pelvic floor disorder in the United States and they have several more products related to the condition in the pipeline at the company. Marc Beer has been making himself known in the industry for more than two decades and he continues to garner interest today with the most recent developments from the companies that he works with.


Medical science is coming across some new frontiers and Marc Beer is excited to be part of it. For years, he has been fascinated with how medicine is able to impact lives individually and on a global scale and he is happy to be part of the industry. He has worked with highly innovative companies in the past and has a passion for what he does. Renovia is ambitious for a startup, but investors who are helping with funding are making it clear that they trust the abilities of Marc Beer to turn the startup into a profitable company in upcoming years. People want options for pelvic floor disorders that avoid surgery and that is what the company has been trying to provide to the world. Renovia may not be profitable now, but it takes time for profitability to happen when it comes to startups in medicine. Learn more:


While Marc Beer has accomplished some great things during his career, not everything has gone exactly to plan. Fortunately, he was able to learn from the issues that he came across in order to apply them to the next project that may have the same or similar problem. He mentions that funding was a concern for many of the projects that he was involved in and it had left him concerned about the future of the companies he was working with. Fortunately, he never gave up and he kept pushing until he was able to secure the capital that was needed.


Getting customers as a biotech company is different than a lot of other companies says Marc Beer. Every client that they have had has been referred to them from a doctor as the device created by Renovia is only available to those who have a prescription for it. This means that most marketing takes place directly to the medical professionals that could potentially prescribe the Leva device to their patients that could benefit from them.