Marc Beer makes Innovative Advancements in the Biotech Industry

Marc Beer is a well-known entrepreneur who is currently the CEO and Co-founder of Renovia Inc. The focus of his company Renovia Inc is to make innovative products to help women with pelvic floor disorders. His innovative ventures have invited funding from venture capitalists who see a great future in medical, technical and pharmaceutical solutions to improve the lives of women with pelvic floor disorders. 

Marc Beer has a successful career of over 25 years before launching his current company Renovia Inc. He is a particular expert in developing software and devices for use in the biotechnology industry. He attended Miami University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Business in the year 1987. He joined the company ViaCell and became its CEO in the year 2000. ViaCell is a company that is involved in the collection and preservation of blood stem cells from the umbilical cord. He oversaw the growth of the company and the company has currently over 300 employees. Beer is also the founding chairman of the Board of Directors of the Good Start Genetics Compensation Committee- GSGCC. He is a member of Miami University’s Business Advisory Council BAC and Graduate Studies Research-GSR of Notre Dame. 

Marc Beer believes that a successful business is built on the acquisition of the best talent and a well- designed organizational structure. He says that a good team builds a good business. He says that business ideas work if an approach is taken with many disciplines in view. In his business, he takes decisions based on the needs of medical science, finance, commercial viability, current regulations and, possible legal issues. He says that in the future, sensors will be used to help doctors arrive at a diagnosis. He also believes that the future of healthcare is in digital healthcare. Digital healthcare in his opinion will reduce the need for large trials but will use data to find solutions for health problems. He also believes that new and innovative technologies are being developed for retrieving medical records and maintaining them for greater diagnostic and treatment accuracy. Learn more:

Marc Beer launched Renovia Inc after a two-year break from being an active businessman. He lost his wife and devoted his time to raising his children for two years. He got the idea for the company from his partner-gynecologist, Dr. Ray Iglesias. The focus of the company is to develop diagnostic and therapeutic devices for women with pelvic floor disorders. Beer aims to make a digital health platform for patients that will connect to innovative and proprietary sensor technologies. Marc Beer works to get the best possible talent to work for his company. In the year 2018, the FDA approved the company’s first product called Leva. 

Marc Beer is a caring committed and successful entrepreneur. He has worked throughout his business career to help medical practitioners and their patients by finding workable technological problems for health concerns. The biotech business company has long considered Marc beer as a leader and one of their most valuable members.

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