Mark Holyoake Always Angling for Position

Oakvest Holdings owner, Mark Holyoake, isn’t one to let a good investment pass by him. Holyoake’s experience in global commercial and residential real estate, along with extensive investments in food and commodities markets, have made Oakvest a major player in the world seafood industry. Holyoake and International Seafood Holdings acquired Icelandic Seafood International in 2010 in order to seize upon an opportunity to return the company to worldwide prominence, as the company was suffering from Iceland’s economic woes of the time. From 2010 to 2019, Icelandic Seafood International increased in value by ten times and has expanded its global influence. Because of current economic conditions across Europe, Holyoake intends on investing in companies needing help now, as he had done so with Icelandic Seafood International.

A key to being successful in business, according to Holyoake, is surrounding yourself with good employees and then giving them responsibilities that will empower them to be even greater employees. Additionally, he finds that rising early in the day and taking on work-related tasks allows him to be more focused immediately. He feels it allows him to begin the day on a positive note. It is common, he adds, for other members of his staff to approach the day in a similar manner.

Entrepreneurial success, as noted by Mark Holyoake, can grow from being social and communicative. These skills allow us to gain empathy and understanding for others, which in turn gives a better view of what options lie before us in business, and they also help us develop more options for achieving success.

Mark Holyoake earned business degree from the University of Reading. In addition to operating Oakvest Holdings, he is married and is the father of three children. He lives in London, England.

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