Matching up with Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt is an American Businessman. He is the CEO of IAC, a popular internet company. He was also the CEO of the company’s Match segment. Match is an online dating site that has been around for over 20 years. The site is nationwide with over 25 countries using it. Another dating source that is very known is Tinder. Tinder is a dating app that is very similar to Match. The app was created in September of 2012. Greg Blatt has always been involved with technology and takes advantage of the use it by coming up with new ideas for the companies which he are involved with (Digitalmode).


Before becoming CEO of IAC , Blatt worked as the Executive Vice President for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. is a company that was founded in 2015 by Stewart herself. Greg Blatt tells us it consists of broadcasting media platforms, Internet, publishing, and many more media assets. There, Blatt was also appointed as a General Counsel for the business. Blatt has held several high positions throughout his career. Most being leaderships.


Blatt graduated from Colgate University and Columbia Law School. He earned both a Bachelor’s Degree and a J.D. Before becoming one of the world’s top businessmen, Greg Blatt was a waiter and had some talents in painting houses. Attending law school brightened his mind and set a firm foundation on what he wanted to pursue a career in. Over the years with having so many leadership skills, Blatt made a lot of important decisions that will eventually determine his next business move.


Blatt is the King of Online Dating, the industry that has been one of most convenient way to find that special someone. To some people, just the thought of online dating could be a bit nerve wracking but when you look on the bright side of things, having the sense of meeting someone before actually meeting them could take the tension and nervousness off of a person. Greg Blatt and his team has made such things possible.

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