Mathias Rosenzweig’s Interview with Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers

Mid last year, the Chainsmokers (Pall and Taggart) released one of their most anticipated albums titled “Closer” and unlike their past singles such “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Roses“, the radio banger did feature Andrew Taggart singing. It was not expected for the band to reveal or add some human element to their electronic soundscapes that have always been masterfully crafted with the band’s ambition being personalizing their brand of music to the extent of being recognized as real artists. The pair was interviewed by Mathias Rosenzweig on a host of issues, but chief among them is how they plan to establish their identity, upcoming track, and how they plan to grow with their audience increasing.

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On being asked how they started working together, both of them revealed that they grew up loving to DJ before pairing up together. Pall and Taggart knew it would work out upon meeting each other by bringing everything that each one of them knew to the table and subsequently ironed out what was working and what had to be phased out. Of importance to note is that besides Pall and Taggart writing their lyrics, Rosenzweig was made to understand that the pair also relies on other songwriters to write some lines for them.

Pall and Taggart is not a musical pair that sings alone. On being asked by Rosenzweig what it was with working with other artists such as Halsey, Pall revealed that the experience was incredible. Besides, the pair likes to work with unique artists with Halsey being one of them. Pall further revealed that they also like writing and producing their songs.

The Chainsmokers believe that they now have a strong sense regarding the type of people that are connecting with their music. Right now, they are reaching a huge number of 16 to 25-year- old that are falling for their music in mass. In fact, with their audience expanding, the Chainsmokers believe that they have to push themselves and continually offer something new to their increasing audience.