McDonalds’ Meat Supplier OSI Group Is Making Meatless Burgers

The trend of meatless burgers has been catching on and the Impossible Food Group that makes some of those meatless burgers has quickly found itself in need of help with manufacturing its product. It connected with OSI Group, which is a meat manufacturer that has been working with McDonalds for many years, and it has started producing its plant-based meat much quicker thanks to the help of the larger food company. OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois, and it is the perfect fit for Impossible Foods because it knows all about delivering quality foods to restaurants.

It has been producing meat for a long time and Impossible Foods says that it was looking for a manufacturer that it could use both for the short term and the long term and they found it through this company. McDonalds hasn’t jumped on board with the meatless burgers just yet, but with its food supplier making them, it might happen soon. The trend is continuing to pick up as people realize that the meatless burgers are safe to eat and that they are better for their health and the environment than real burgers.

OSI Group has over sixty facilities and that is why it can help Impossible Foods in the way that it is. It has those facilities located in over fifteen countries and is all about sustainable practices and doing the right thing when it is producing food. It has been trusted by McDonalds for many years because of the careful way that it does its work. It is quick at getting food made and with the increasing demand for meatless burgers, it is good that Impossible Foods has a company like it helping out because it is quick to get the job done and has the resources needed to make a large amount of the product.